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Dr. Katie Stender offers in-home euthanasia for pets in NE Florida.

Please, text or call 904-521-3440, or fill out the request form below.  We'll be happy to talk before you decide.




Private Cremation 

  • Pets up to 40 pounds:  $300

  • Pets 41 to 99 pounds:   $325

  • Pets 100 pounds and over: $350

This option includes a wooden urn with custom engraving of your choice. Private cremation is performed by local crematory, Crevasse's Pet Cremation, and your pets cremains can be picked up directly at the crematory, or we can arrange delivery back to your regular veterinarian's office.

Communal Cremation

  • Pets up to 40 pounds:  $200

  • Pets 41 to 99 pounds:   $225

  • Pets 100 pounds and over: $250


This option is for families who do not prefer a home burial, but need their pet to be cremated and do not wish to have cremains returned. 



Dr. Katie will provide a peaceful passing for your pet in the comfort of your home. This includes all medications, a clay paw print impression and a clipping of fur for keepsake. Please don't hesitate to ask for any other requests - We are happy to accommodate as best we can. Additional costs for cremation services are listed below in Aftercare Section. ​



When you're not sure the time has come for euthanasia, the doctor will perform a physical examination of your pet and complete assessment of quality of life in the home, as well as guidance for future care.

If the time is right, Dr. Katie can proceed with euthanasia. If not, the doctor will make a plan for comfort care and an end of life plan customized to your pets needs. 




Dr. Katie Stender is a veterinarian based out of Northeastern Florida.  In addition to her important role as a hospice veterinarian, Dr. Katie is an active member of her community. Dr. Katie finds great privilege in being able to connect with families in their homes. She is a graduate of the University of Florida, for both her undergraduate studies, and her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating, she worked in a traditional vet clinic while also working with a group of veterinarians providing in-home euthanasia.  It quickly became clear what her calling was, and she started exclusively practicing in-home end of life care. For years she has proudly served Jacksonville and the surrounding community, helping thousands of families, learning and growing. After the birth of her second son, Dr. Katie knew it was time to start her own practice. Today, Dr. Katie is excited about forming local community partnerships and serving clients more directly.  


Dr. Katie loves spending time with her family. Her favorite day would be a day doing anything with her husband and two sons. She has two senior cats, and understands the difficulties of owning senior pets. She loves doing house projects, hiking adventures in the mountains, trying new restaurants, sailing, and watching a good TV show after a long day. 


Dr. Katie is so grateful to be able to continue the work she loves, sharing what she believes to be the most sacred space, as a family parts with their pet, in the comfort of their home. It is with great care that she performs this service for our pets and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 


A Word from Dr. Katie

I am often asked, “How do you do this everyday?” And my most sincere and candid response is, “How could I not?” After my first home visit with a family, I knew this kind of work was what I was meant to do as a veterinarian. She was a yellow Labrador, who couldn’t get up anymore. It was a scenario I was all too familiar with, as I had grown up with labs and had to say goodbye to my Daisy just 3 years prior. The time I was able to spend with my first family at their home was unforgettable. We smiled about the bad puppy stories, and they proudly told me all the things she ate on her last day. I felt as though I had become part of their family. Lots of tears were shed, and I remembered the sadness I had felt saying goodbye to my own yellow lab, but it was different for me this time. I saw the relief I was able to provide to their sweet old girl, comfortable at home in her bed. I wanted to do this for everybody’s pet.  Over a decade later, and with immense amounts of gratitude to the thousands of families I have shared couches, and floors, closets and beds, front yards and back yards with - I will continue to help as many as I can. How could I not? 

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kind words
for dr. katie

"She did a wonderful job under very sad circumstances."

— S.V, Yulee, FL


Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas


Regularly servicing Duval, St. Johns, Clay, and parts of Nassau County - (please check with Doctor for availability)


Phone:  904-521-3440


*Able to receive text messages 7 days a week

All correspondence will be returned in 24 hours or sooner



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